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School District #73 Parent Engagement Sessions 2019-2020


March 3rd:  Keeping our Children Safe from Gangs with Safer Schools Together

British Columbia's gang landscape is vastly different from other jurisdictions.  Children from all socio-economic backgrounds can be vulnerable to gang recruitment and involvement.  Youth are being recruited in ways that our communities have never seen before.  You will leave this presentation with a greater understanding of what you can do to prevent your child from getting involved in gang activity.


April 15th:  Helping Teenagers who have Anxiety/Depression

SD73 is presenting an evening parent workshop to provide information and basic tools to address the number one mental health concern in children, anxiety. Parenting an anxious child can be challenging. Having some understanding of anxiety, how it presents in children, and strategies that parents can use to help their child are pivotal to moving forward. This event is suitable for parents of teenagers.


May 14th:  Fostering Resiliency in Children and Youth with Monique Gray Smith

Monique Gray Smith is an inspiring international speaker, award winning author and sought after consultant.  She is the author of the acclaimed educational resource:  The Ripple Effect of Resiliency:  Strategies for Fostering Resiliency with Indigenous Children. Monique will provide stories and examples of how to foster resiliency in our children and youth.


Session Details

All sessions will be held at the Henry Grube Education Centre in Room 1A/1B.  All sessions will run from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm with the exception of Screenagers, which will start at 6:00 pm.  Light refreshments and snacks will be provided by the District Parent Advisory Council.  Sessions are free, and available to all community members.  There is no registration needed for any session.

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