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Safe Arrival

Lloyd George
Safe Arrival
by Lloyd George - Monday, 9 January 2017, 7:08 PM

As you are aware, School district 73 has implemented a new automated safe arrival system.  This new system was put in place to speed up the calls home in case a student goes missing.  The system is in place so that phone calls start to go out within 15 minutes of school starting, for Lloyd George, it means 8:50.  In order to do so, attendance has to be completed by 8:45 every morning. 


Teachers are asked not to wait for late students and our secretary does not have time to put in the many late students each morning.  Therefore, if you know your child is going to be late or absent, you need to phone in the Safe Arrival line at 1-844-350-2647, go online at or download the app.  Lates and absences are to be entered in the system before 8:30 am otherwise the system will be calling you.


When you receive the phone call, you need to complete the process to the end when they give you a confirmation number.  Otherwise the system will continue to call both parent’s home and cell phone numbers up to 5 times each.


Thank you for your cooperation, it could make a difference in case of an emergency.